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We Answer The Call!

Our programs are designed to teach coping skills and healthy forms of communication. We intend to eradicate the self-harm and suicide rates common among teens. As a female-based community, we are reinforcing positive behavior through fun, effective activities. Girls learn to care for their mind, body, and soul creating a culture of oneness. The organization offers a welcoming space of safety, authenticity, and transparency where girls can be vulnerable, enlightened, and uplifted. Through trusted mentorship, Relevant 2.0 girls empower the future by empowering GIRLS.

Our Programs

Our Pink Retreat Homes

Located in various cities around the metro area, our Pink Retreat Homes will serve as an oasis for the families we serve. We will host classes to teach life empowering skills and offer retreats to give parents/guardians and their children a space to regroup and bond. During our retreats we will have a therapist available and food at no cost to families. Our resident therapist will equip families with coping and communication skills to build strong families within our communities.

Our highly trained volunteers specialize in recognizing and understanding the needs of the teens we serve as well as the needs of their families. Our volunteers are passionate about our mission and dedicated to the vision of Relevant 2.0.

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